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Graf Marine

It is estimated that international shipping carries over 90% of the world’s trade volume.2 Due to the industry’s reliance on heavy fuel oil, it is responsible for 3% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions.3 In an effort to radically reduce emissions, maritime regulations will begin to phase out non-compliant fossil fuel-powered cargo vessels from 2026. This represents a major operational and costly challenge for over 70,000 existing ships worldwide.

By combining robust materials that can withstand the rigours of the marine environment with an advanced software platform, NanoDeck provides clean power and intelligent energy management solutions for sea and shore infrastructure. This modular solar energy system is created using multiple NanoTiles designed to fit a specific area. The scalable platform converts and stores energy to provide continuous power at sea, in port or anywhere off-grid up to 600V. It reduces operating costs, optimises energy efficiency and lowers carbon emissions. Digital testing has shown that NanoDeck could save up to 10% of the fuel on an oil tanker, equivalent to up to 10 tonnes of heavy fuel oil per day.

NanoDeck challenges the industry’s current reliance on fossil fuels. It offers a viable and cost-effective alternative that operates without the need for an additional energy source. As well as operating as a stand-alone system in ports, NanoDeck can act as a complementary energy provider at sea alongside existing heavy-fuel engines and new green fuel such as ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and wind power to help the industry meet its zero-emission targets.

2 UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport 2022
3 Fourth IMO Greenhouse Gas Study (2020)
Graf Marine

Smart Integration

The smart integration of clean energy sources is essential for a future-proof and sustainable energy system. Using intelligent AI software, NanoDeck provides a unique, intuitive power management solution. Its innovative plug-and-play, solid-state technology can be installed quickly and at a low cost.

NanoDeck is offered on a lease basis. As technology advances, its components can be easily upgraded to maximise fuel efficiency and cost savings. It is a proven, greenhouse gas-free, clean energy solution that is fully future-proof.

Smarter shipping starts today

Reduce emissions by up to 40% in less than 10 years with NanoDeck.

MMIA Technology & Innovation Award Finalist
The Clean Maritime Energy Award: National Finalist 2023
Wales Start Up Awards - 2021 Finalist
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