Graf Marine

About Us


Grafmarine Limited is a global provider of renewable energy generation and storage solutions, specialising in intelligent power management for the maritime industry. Our highly skilled leadership team is experienced in renewable energy, oil and gas, fluid power management systems and manufacturing. Together, we are committed to creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

We have developed an unrivalled modular renewable energy system that turns any flat surface into a power generation and storage facility. Through strategic engagement with the maritime industry, we have pioneered a viable, greenhouse gas-reducing power source that can reduce emissions and operating costs by 40% within five to ten years. We optimise the use of renewable resources and ensure responsible end-of-life management through a robust circular business model.


Our commitment to product innovation

Our commitment to product innovation allows us to directly address the complex challenges facing the shipping industry. NanoDeck can be installed on both new and existing vessels. Its adaptable design can accommodate any space configuration to maximise energy production and storage. As a modular system, it can be easily maintained without disruption and upgraded as new technologies emerge. This adaptable and future-proof platform not only provides a reliable, long-term source of renewable energy but also generates revenue through significant fuel cost savings.

Smarter shipping starts today

Reduce emissions by up to 40% in less than 10 years with NanoDeck.

MMIA Technology & Innovation Award Finalist
The Clean Maritime Energy Award: National Finalist 2023
Wales Start Up Awards - 2021 Finalist
Serviced Sourced in Britain