a novel modular
energy generation,
storage and power
management solution

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Grafmarine are developing clean energy creation and power storage solutions to turn any flat surface into power hubs.

Reversing climate change with future-proof technology

As the marine sector moves towards zero emissions, Grafmarine’s energy deck will challenge the reliance on heavy marine fuels for power at sea and in ports by providing an alternative source of clean, renewable energy.

Grafmarine’s Nanodeck can be fitted to any vessel or structure and turn it into an energy generating surface and, because it’s modular, it can be adapted to fit specific shapes and cover limitless areas.

We have an integrated energy system that is future updatable, providing an ever-increasing level of a ship’s energy requirement. This system will last as long as a ship’s life cycle and can be re-deployed for further second life use.

Grafmarine is a technology company developing innovative renewable energy generation and power management solutions for the maritime sector and other associated markets through our NanoDeck system.


Recent News

Grafmarine sharing their NanoDeck Sea trial news with USA industry partners.
Date 9th Dec 2022
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All systems go for the team this morning, and looks like our colleague #nigelmarcroberts is in the Christmas 🎅🏼 spirit..

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Grafmarine NanoDeck sea trails in equatorial waters begins.
Date 30th Nov 2022
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Grafmarine test engineering at work, assembling, and installing our latest Ai software into our trial NanoDeck array.

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Grafmarine attending and presenting at this years Greenbackers COP27
Date 8th Nov 2022
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Greenbackers COP27 Investment Pitch Live Thursday, Nov 17, 2022, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM (UK time)

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