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Grafmarine is actively seeking a strategic investment partner to help us accelerate our product development and bring the patented NanoDeck to market. We believe that, with first-mover advantage, the right investor will enable us to support the global effort to decarbonise shipping while generating significant returns.

We are one generation away from net-zero shipbuilding, but the race to find the best fuel replacement remains both technically and strategically challenging. The first of its kind, NanoDeck is a modular, future-proof renewable energy system designed specifically for the maritime industry. It works with all fuel types and other energy-saving devices, including wind, hybrid and air lubrication. It will also provide future power for on-vessel, nuclear-based propulsion.


Our long-term sustainability strategy makes this a highly attractive green investment proposition. As the world moves away from linear manufacturing and towards net zero, Grafmarine will be one of the first to produce fully recycled renewable energy products.

Non-critical parts will be made from recycled fishing nets and second-life plastics.

Blockchain parts management will be deployed for preventive maintenance.

A fully recycled option will be available within 5 years, including PV modules.

A second life programme will help developing countries with renewable energy.

NanoDeck is accepted in the Ellen McArthur CE community.

Renewable energy generation and storage is a rapidly growing market. If you would like to know more about this exciting and ethical investment opportunity, please contact us for more information.

Join us on the journey to net zero...

Smarter shipping starts today

Reduce emissions by up to 40% in less than 10 years with NanoDeck.

MMIA Technology & Innovation Award Finalist
The Clean Maritime Energy Award: National Finalist 2023
Wales Start Up Awards - 2021 Finalist
Serviced Sourced in Britain