Grafmarine supporting the members of the Thames Green Scheme.

PUBLISHED 8th Aug 2022

Grafmarine supporting the members of the Thames Green Scheme.

Our colleague #NigelMarcRoberts will be in London this week presenting to members of the Thames Green Scheme. The Thames Green Scheme is an independent environmental performance indicator for inland waterways commercial and services operators to gauge their environmental performance across factors including air quality, carbon, energy, water quality, litter, and waste.

How it will work – for operators

As an operator, the Green Scheme is a perfect way to showcase all the effort and work you put in to minimise the impact of your operations on the environment.  All participants to use the Green Scheme endorsement logo in marketing and promotional material, allowing the public and customer to distinguish you as an environmentally friendly operator from others that are not as environmentally conscious.

How it will work – incentive providers

The Green Scheme welcomes any stakeholders, including ports, shipping organisations, marine service providers, and suppliers, to join the Green Scheme as an incentive provider, rewarding the early adopters of new technologies/approaches and driving better environmental performance.

It is a perfect way to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, drive environmental performance, and promote sustainable business.  The incentive providers can define the eligibility and the type and level of incentive they wish to provide.

It has been developed to support the inland waterways community in achieving the goals set by the updated Port Air Quality Strategy (PAQS) for the tidal Thames by the Port of London Authority in 2020, and Clean Maritime Plan published by Department for Transport in 2019 and the UK government’s Net Zero by 2050 commitment.