Our Purpose
is to create technology solutions
that reverse climate change


To apply innovative technologies for renewable energy creation and storage, to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations

Grafmarine has a solution to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. Resulting in an approx. global reduction of 40 million tons of fuel per annum. NanoDeck is a unique, patented integrated energy platform that generates and stores clean electricity.

Annually, more than 640,000 tonnes of nets, lines, pots and traps used in commercial fishing are dumped and discarded in the sea, according to the UN.

We have identified a technology to work towards re-using nets fibres in our next evolution of advanced materials. Our product will be the first of its kind in providing renewable energy with fully generational recycled materials. We are not the ocean polluters of the future…

Working with Circular Revolution to create a sustainable circular business model including:


1. Design

Helping to investigate the reduction of electronics utilised within the solar arrays. There is potential here to connect with members of the Circular Economy Research and Innovation Group (CERIG) who specialise in PV and WEEE, to look at design considerations and their impact on end-of-life strategies.


2. Business Modelling

Exploring potential options such as servitisation/performance contracting for the commercialisation of the panels. Including how best to frame the narrative to emphasise their potential for extending the life of vessels, on top of reducing fuel demand. Here we can also draw on the expertise of the wider Circular Revolution team who are working on legal aspects of ‘smart-contracts’ and have experience in International/maritime law.


3. Secondary Markets

Looking at end-of-life strategies, including potential options for reuse and/or waste stream valorisation and the redeployment into developing economies without any financial commitments.

Grafmarine’s NanoDeck solution will be designed and driven based on three principles of eliminating waste and pollution, the circulation of products and materials (at their highest value), and development alongside the regeneration of nature. By embracing this circular economy approach we believe it will deliver a more sustainable and resilient business that is good for business, people and the environment.

Our supply chain values

The Grafmarine supply chain and value chain principles represent very clear definitions in the day to day operational thinking of the business. Our supply chain pays reference to the chain of suppliers collaborating and partnering the business in the delivery of our NanoDeck solution in a safe, ethical and responsible manner. Whereas our value chain entails the thinking around the value created by the chain, and their partners to deliver value and sustainability for our customers and their business.

Therefore every Grafmarine supply partner is chosen on their value, sustainability and circular economy principles, and commitment towards high quality, and durability ensuring their services or products can refurbished and reused multiple times. Furthermore all Grafmarine partners will aspire to deliver zero waste, being energy, labour, and or material, sharing the same values as Grafmarine, in NOT being the next generations polluters.

The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation
Albert Einstein

This is why Grafmarine is currently challenging its supply chain and collaborating with leading UK Institutes to evaluate and create a better sustainable solution using more environmentally, biodegradable and recyclable friendly alternatives to substitute materials such as paper, glass, metal or plastics.

The need to ask WHY?

In the case of Plastic Pollution alone, it is wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems and the wildlife that inhabit them. More than 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year, equal to dumping a garbage truck of plastic every minute. As much as 80 percent of all litter in our oceans is made of plastic. According to a report presented at the 2017 United Nations Marine Conference, as many as 51 trillion microplastic particles, 500 times more than the stars in our galaxy, litter our oceans and seas, seriously threatening marine wildlife.

By embracing our values for curricular manufacture and with the collaboration supply partners who share our same passion, we believe we can deliver a long life, zero carbon, environmentally friendly clean power solution in a sustainable and responsible manner.  Ensuring sustainability for our lives today, whilst not harming the ability of our future generations to thrive.

Technology pathway